Saturday, March 5th

5 Mar

This necklace is a shorter, 16 inch length than yesterday. The back part is chain and the front consists of two strands. One strand is vintage 1920’s shirt buttons made in New Jersey. They are linked together with large, square brass jump rings. The second strand is a mix of Czech glass pearls, looped rosary style with brass wire.

When I first made this necklace I intended to add a bow or silk ribbon flower to it but somehow I couldn’t make that work. I have a lot of trouble designing ‘sweet’ things. I do work a lot with filigree and lace and hearts but when there are vintage buttons and pearls involved somehow I just can’t keep going in that same direction. I’ve always been like this: I’ve felt like I was too old for ruffles (unless they are black and tattered) since 5th grade.

Hmm…what’s that mean?

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