Thursday, March 17th

17 Mar

This necklace is very old. I think I made it in 1997 or ’98. It consists of two vintage glass mirrored stones wrapped with copper wire around 42″ of olive-green silk ribbon.

Pretty simple.

These were popular and I sold them to boutiques all around the country. The mirror shape varied, as did the ribbon color.

I haven’t worn or even thought about this necklace in years but I used to wear it with a dark brown dress with medieval-ish sleeves and lace-up Victorian boots. I also wrapped beads on copper wire in my hair when I wore this. And added a sparkly choker made with 1920’s mother-of-pearl buckles and coppery rhinestones.

Wow. That was quite an outfit. I wonder if I have a picture…

And I did wear this today, but I forgot to take the picture before I got into my jammies. I wore this with a white gauzy shirt, Shibori-print sweater, dark jeans and very high-heeled coppery snakeskin sandals.

Yes, my feet hurt now.

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