Tuesday, March 29th

29 Mar



This necklace is big.

I made it for a magazine that requested ‘big, statement necklace projects’ last year. Dramatic necklaces are all over fashion magazines and celebrity necks and the craft mags want to be able to say they are on trend. Sadly, this crazy-big Drama Mama was too much for the editors. The requested a simpler version, with central elements no bigger than 1×2 inches. Huh? That is not dramatic!

So, I think I’ve only worn this once before today. I thought it would be difficult to wear but its not. It is lightweight and comfortable (note the woven belt-strapping neck band!) and actually easy to wear.

This necklace is also popular; I was stopped by at least 5 people today asking about this necklace. That never happens. Must be the drama.

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