Friday, April 1st

1 Apr


Mica. It’s a naturally occurring mineral that appears clear because of the careful alignment of the silica crystals. In parts of the northern U.S. the sheets are available in streambeds where they shimmer like silver under the waters. The lightweight, transparent nature of this mineral is very compelling to me. The first time I saw sheets of mica I immediately wanted to make jewelry with it.

Who wouldn’t?

First, it matches everything. Second, it’s lightweight. Third, it looks sharp and kinda dangerous.

This necklace looks like shards of glass, hinged together at odd points. I pierced the mica sections and set them with teeny dollhouse hinges using rivets and eyelets. The mixture of chain sections along the back and side include brass and sterling silver and the design is finished with a hook and ring clasp. This necklace is lightweight and comfortable and I like to wear it on days when I feel my outfit needs a bit of an edge. All those sharp, broken-glass looking shards seem too dangerous to wear but relax, they aren’t sharp at all.

For instructions on how to make a similar style see this tutorial.

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