Tuesday, April 12th

12 Apr


Elaine Ray ceramic mother-and-child pendant and crescent bead. Teeny-weeny green turquoise fish. Oval Tibetian turquoise and padparadscha Swarovski crystals, all on thick waxed linen in a reddish brown.

This necklace was featured in Stringing a few years ago. It looks totally off-center but the balance is perfect. It will not slide around your neck when you wear it. I’m kinda proud of that.


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  1. Dusty April 12, 2011 at 11:15 pm #

    A couple of hours ago I had my bead supplies out, and I pulled out my goddess and crescent beads and thought that I should really do something with them. I was inspired to buy them because of your necklace, and I wanted to look at it but I couldn’t find it on the Ornamentea website. I thought of my options:
    – I could drag out all my past issues of Stringing, because I thought I remembered that was where it was published
    – I could wait to see if you posted it on this blog (I thought it could take months)
    – I could email you
    – I could keep looking around the Ornamentea website, which I did, and I found it, and you posted it!

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