Sunday, April 24th

24 Apr


Today was Easter Sunday.

I think this is my favorite holiday.  Reasons?

1. The store is closed. No work at all, and no feeling guilty for not working.

2. There are minimal family and social requirements as far as decorating (none), cooking and wardrobe.

3.There are no gifts to buy and in our family the basket-hunting is all about the clues.

4.I can reasonably count on having an entire day outside.

This year did not disappoint. There were clues for the baskets, bike rides, egg-coloring and egg hunts, lots of time in the garden and a very nice, very low-key yummy dinner on the porch. I would have taken my picture wearing this necklace but my garden time included a full clean out of the chicken coop and the results weren’t pretty. I had to shower before I could clean up for dinner. My clothes will be washed twice.

I wore this nice little fish pendant on a bit of ombre ribbon. It has a fold-over closure in the back and a spring ring clasp and chain extender. The fish pendant was created by Susan Reynolds and I loved it immediately. After I wore it all day I removed the pendant from the ribbon and washed the ribbon out gently. It’s drying now on my work table.

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