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Saturday, July 9th

9 Jul


Monday, June 27th

27 Jun


A mix of elements; red Chinese ceramic, very old Tibetian turquoise, Elaine Ray hand made ceramic, a drilled ammonite fossil, African green amber, a carved bone die. All strung and knotted on red leather cording, finished with a copper-plated steel chain and lobster claw clasp.

Haphazard but meaningful, if only to me.

Monday, June 20th

20 Jun


Out-of-focus Elaine Ray beads with a yellow, dyed-howlite skull…on leather of course. Notice a trend, yet?

Wednesday, June 8th

8 Jun


Two strands of dupioni silk hold my favorite square jump rings and a mix of felt balls and Elaine Ray ceramic beads. This necklace appeared in Stringing last summer and a version of it can be found here. It looks great with bright prints (as shown) or as a single, colorful accent with a white dress or shirt. The ribbon is fraying nicely. I love bias-cut ribbons for just that reason!

Monday, June 6th

6 Jun


Saturday, June 4th

4 Jun


Thursday, May 26th

26 May


A simple design.

Wooden bar with Elaine Ray teardrop and a very, very old Hand of Fatima/Hand of Budda charm.

Finished with a double strand of ribbon.

Thursday, May 5th

5 May


Thursday, April 7th

7 Apr


This necklace consists of five strands of a long-link sterling chain hung with charms and beads and pendants. There is one strand with a section made of 4 mm white pearls and vermeil spacers, but the others are just chain. The long links on the chain look like paper clips and many of the charms are attached to the chain with safety pins. It clasps in the back with a large brass spring ring clasp.

This necklace is a work in progress. I wear it a lot and I love the layers that have built up. I have so many charms and special stones on this; a tiny ceramic cup, an articulated Frozen Charlotte charm from Carolyn Taylor Carpin (a button artist I really admire…she’s deceased now but her work was amazing) a glass leaf bead, carved stones, teeny labradorite briolettes, a Bob Burkett sterling crab. I’ve added items occasionally for at least two years. Someday this necklace will be really, really layered but for right now it looks good just like this.

I think of this necklace as a talisman of sorts. I wear it often when I travel because many of the beads remind me of specific places and specific people. The idea of jewelry as a talisman, as a connection to memories is really important to me. I think it is fun to make a piece that matches a new dress but I really like the sense of purpose that I get when I make and wear something that feels more enduring.

Wednesday, March 30th

30 Mar

Rainy, rainy day today and I really wanted to curl up in bed and stay in. I couldn’t, for various reasons that all boil down to ‘setting a good example’ so I put on an orange tee shirt and a stripey tee shirt and some jeans. This necklace is simple and easy to wear with a clash of layered cottons; the larger beads don’t get lost on the pattern of the shirt and it’s comfortable. The beads range from vintage to contemporary Czech glass, handmade Humblebeads by Heather Powers and some ceramic Elaine Ray beads and even a few stones. They are all simply wire-looped on 20 gauge copper wire and connected, rosary-chain style.

I like that type of connection because it is flexible and shows off the beads.

The red silk cording along the back is finished with a hand-made copper hook and a square copper jump ring. I do like the bright reds and oranges mixed with green/yellow in this necklace. I usually wear this one quite a lot, both on it’s own and layered with other pieces.