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Thursday, May 19th

19 May


This necklace was created as a sample for a floor display at Ornamentea. I don’t know who made it, but we looked at a fashion spread that showed a very similar necklace for about $500. We made this one up for about $8 and it was on a display board with the tear-out from the magazine. I generally don’t go for this color combination on my own person but I liked the necklace and took it home after the display came down.

I am not sure if I have ever worn it until today.

Since this necklace is such an off color for me I paired it with a black-and-white tee, black-and-white dotted sweater, long jeans skirt and a pair of black-and-white striped Camper shoes. The whole outfit was pretty good. I think I will repeat the test-pattern B&W mix with another necklace next week.


Sunday, May 15

15 May


A gift from Tracy Thomasson.

I usually wear it layered up with several other chain-y, charm-y necklaces.

She etched the metal tab.

Monday, May 9th

9 May

Really, what can you do with 1,000 year old Roman glass beads?
Other than pair them with copper trade beads and go about your day.

Wednesday, May 4th

5 May

This necklace was a gift from my friend, Denita. It is a glass box that holds a tiny paper collage. Every time I wear it I get asked about it. I lilt that it’s detailed but large-scale, delicate but dramatic.

Monday, May 2nd

2 May


A busy day with only a meeting in the morning followed by an afternoon of cooking for 19 guests…what to wear? Ahh, my Susan Lenart Kazmer dice-and-lightbulb charm necklace with sterling rolo chain and Kazmerian balled wire bail. Of course.

I love this necklace.

See, my last name is pronounced ‘dice’ even though it’s not spelled that way. Plus I love polka dots. Plus I like black and white.


Thursday, April 28th

28 Apr


Sunday, April 24th

24 Apr


Today was Easter Sunday.

I think this is my favorite holiday.  Reasons?

1. The store is closed. No work at all, and no feeling guilty for not working.

2. There are minimal family and social requirements as far as decorating (none), cooking and wardrobe.

3.There are no gifts to buy and in our family the basket-hunting is all about the clues.

4.I can reasonably count on having an entire day outside.

This year did not disappoint. There were clues for the baskets, bike rides, egg-coloring and egg hunts, lots of time in the garden and a very nice, very low-key yummy dinner on the porch. I would have taken my picture wearing this necklace but my garden time included a full clean out of the chicken coop and the results weren’t pretty. I had to shower before I could clean up for dinner. My clothes will be washed twice.

I wore this nice little fish pendant on a bit of ombre ribbon. It has a fold-over closure in the back and a spring ring clasp and chain extender. The fish pendant was created by Susan Reynolds and I loved it immediately. After I wore it all day I removed the pendant from the ribbon and washed the ribbon out gently. It’s drying now on my work table.

Saturday, April 16th

16 Apr

Today’ agenda:
Breakfast with in-laws
Take daughter to horse show
Make baguette
Narrowly avoid tornado
Pick up onion at grocers
Make cassoulet and haricots verte for dinner with in-laws

Sometimes when you get dressed in the morning you have to plan on a lot of disparate activities crammed into a busy day. This is a favorite theme in shopping-centered magalogs like Lucky and Glamour; Five Wardrobe Basics That Take You From Office To A Night Out.
The problem is my day is never that simple. Office to Night Out?
That’s only TWO outfits. I can do that, easy-peasy.

Today I had to go from Good Daughter-In-Law/Mother to Storm Chaser to Chef with one outfit. I decided to wear my ‘Crafty’ necklace in case I got sidetracked and needed to remember who I usually am.

Oh, and my family made it thru the storm just fine, but we’re mourning the North Carolinians who didn’t.

This necklace was made by Tracey Johnson (see yesterday for the link) out of hand-dyed silk cording. That brass disc features a natural patina and is stamped with the word ‘crafty.’ the silk and accent bead are red, my favorite color. You can’t see it in the photo but the silk is knotted into chain and the clasp in the back, an elegantly simple solution that is one of my favorite finishing techniques.


Friday, April 15th

15 Apr


This necklace was made by Tracey Johnson of wooden and fiber beads strung on leather cording. The leather is knotted between the beads and then crimped around silver rings. The necklace is really bright and very happy. I think it is at least two years old and I wear it a lot in the summers. I have recently been looking at a lot of Jonathan Adler’s decorating work and this necklace, worn with a dress of fuschia Indian silk and a black-and-white snow leopard printed sweater is a bit Adler.

Or addled.

Seriously, if you like to mix prints and colors, as I do, you walk a thin line, daily, between Crazy and Total Freaking Genius.

To see more of Tracey’s work please visit her store here.

Saturday, April 2nd

2 Apr