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Monday, October 3rd

3 Oct


Beautiful Basha bead. I’ll post instructions on at Shiny Little Things by the end of the week.


Wednesday, September 21st

21 Sep



Long, leather and wood. A bit jangly.

September 4th, 2011

4 Sep


This old, old, old necklace has a mix of glass beads and pretty, lacey filigree. I haven’t worn it in years and forgot how much I liked it.

Saturday, August 27th

27 Aug



Today we almost had a hurricane.

Isabel roared up the sound and did amazing damage to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It’s headed north to Baltimore and New York and Boston.

Here, in Raleigh we had a bit of rain and lashing winds but nothing as bad as we had expected. I wore my rain boots, anyway, and my trusty denim shirt-dress.

This necklace features a pocket watch locket fitted with a round mirror and a triple strand of kimono cording and silk accented with ceramic Elaine Ray beads. That green in the locket is out wet garden reflected in the mirror.

There will be instructions appearing on my other blog very soon.

Tuesday, July 26th

26 Jul

This necklace appeared in the first issue of Creative Jewelry. It is made of mica, brass, sterling and paper. On one side tiny brass letter beads spell out ‘suspicion’ and on the other ‘proof’ while the mica book is stamped with question marks.

What’s suspicious is the vest-and-tee combo I am wearing. Where do I think I am? 1990?

Tuesday, July 18th

19 Jul


This necklace was one of the ones I made on my vacation. It’s made of knotted orange leather with wood and resin beads. The leather has a tricky slide clasp made of leather, too. I can wear the necklace at about 18″ or at 24″.

If I wasn’t trying to wear a different necklace every day for a year I’d want to wear this for days on end. It’s dramatic but unfussy.

Next year!

Wednesday, July 6th

6 Jul



See the instructions to make this necklace here.