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Sunday, May 29th

30 May

On Sunday my family went to the beach.

Almost all of us. My brother and sister were visiting from Ohio and we went with all our children to the beach even though it was Memorial Day weekend. After their long drive to see us, a few more hours of travel to spend a day in the sun was just fine. That was a crowd of a dozen laughing, running and generally enjoying the sun and the sand. It was delightful.

It was the first time in many years that I had taken off for Memorial Day weekend. Since we have a store, I usually work. While they were here I barely even checked in and I felt so relaxed and disconnected from the world while I was on that stretch of sand.  It was really lovely.

This is a picture of me with my nephew, Timmy.

I am wearing a braided orange cotton necklace with a hand-carved bone moon bead and gold vermeil bali spacers from Nina Designs. I made this years ago as a sample for the store when we got the cotton thread in and the moon bead had been in our case for a long time. It is hand made and very nicely done, but was a bit expensive if I remember correctly. Perhaps that is why no one had purchased it.

Timmy is wearing a brass shamrock charm on a twisted leather cord. I would like to say I made his necklace, or he made it, but he told me he got it ‘at a store somewhere. ‘ I have made him necklaces in the past and I think it’s clearly time to do that again.

In all the excitement of their visit I actually wore the same necklace (this one) for two days. Since Tim is wearing a necklace in this picture I am counting it as a double. I’ll also post two necklaces for Tuesday, in case you don’t agree.


Sunday, May 22nd

22 May

For directions for constructing this necklace are available see the Projects page.

Friday, May 20th

20 May


Thursday, May 19th

19 May


This necklace was created as a sample for a floor display at Ornamentea. I don’t know who made it, but we looked at a fashion spread that showed a very similar necklace for about $500. We made this one up for about $8 and it was on a display board with the tear-out from the magazine. I generally don’t go for this color combination on my own person but I liked the necklace and took it home after the display came down.

I am not sure if I have ever worn it until today.

Since this necklace is such an off color for me I paired it with a black-and-white tee, black-and-white dotted sweater, long jeans skirt and a pair of black-and-white striped Camper shoes. The whole outfit was pretty good. I think I will repeat the test-pattern B&W mix with another necklace next week.

Sunday, May 1st

1 May

Today I attended a cocktail party in a fancy garden. The party was a fund raiser connected to a funky garden group I am part of. I was planning on wearing a very craftique dress with a loud print, bright embroidery and a tassel. I would have paired it with red platform sandals and a bright red necklace.

Lucky for me, I ran late.

My friend Elizabeth showed up to go to the party and she was wearing a nice black dress, dramatic but tasteful jewelry and nothing odd.

I changed and was VERY glad.

The garden was filled with nice dresses, seasonally-appropriate tunics with capris, tasteful accessories.

Thank goodness for tardiness.

This necklace was perfect; crystal drop, embellished filigree element, double chain.

Friday, April 29th

29 Apr

This necklace is made with Swarovski crystal pearls and a filigree locket. A silhouette of a woman wearing a hat resides in the locket but I’ve been meaning to replace it with my daughters.

This necklace appeared in Beading With Filigree. I really like the loops of strung brass crimps used as beads that attach the pearl strand to the chain sections.

I wanted to wear a vintage orange glass necklace today but I couldn’t find it. Then I remembered today was the Royal Wedding Day and I decided this necklace was more appropriate.

Tuesday, April 26th

26 Apr

This necklace consists of five agate slices suspended from chain. It is tied with silk strands.

The colors are pretty bright and clashy.

I like that sometimes.

The necklace itself is sort of like wearing a wind chime.

Sunday, April 17th

17 Apr


This necklace features a hand-made glass acorn from Lori Flanders on checked ribbon.
I wore it today because Raleigh, North Carolina – the City of Oaks – lost a lot of those very trees in the tornado yesterday.
Hand-made glass bead on sterling head pin. Tiny checked ribbon finished with knots inside knot covers. Hook-and-ring closure. One of my favorites in any times of trouble.

Thursday, April 14th

14 Apr


This butterfly is stitched to the square filigree backing with beading wire. Full instructions are available.

Wednesday, April 13th

13 Apr


If you have been reading this blog for a while now you’ve probably figured out that I have lots of necklaces but not a lot of clothes. I think I’ve worn this dress at least twice already and I’m afraid to look back at the blog and find out it is really five or six times so I’m not going to do that.

La la la la la…

Obviously, I like making necklaces more than I like shopping for clothes.

Normally, this does not matter. I just wear clean stuff and don’t worry about whether or not I wore the same dress already this month. The problem arises when I notice that I have come back around to a specific dress or shirt in my ‘rotation’ and I can’t wear my tried-and-true favorite necklace with it.  See, I’ve already worn the favorite green beads with this…and the (less favorite) fuchsia ribbon.  I wore a favorite turquoise glass necklace already this year as well, just not with this dress but if I could have I might have grabbed it today.

I know this does not really matter.

Most of the time, even when people comment on my outfit or the jewelry I made I’m pretty sure they couldn’t tell me what I wore yesterday much less last Tuesday. After all, I can’t remember what they wore yesterday. I remember their conversation, and what they were doing, or where we were when we talked, but not their wardrobe.

Sorry, fashiony friends.

Now, this doesn’t mean I don’t think clothing is important. I do. It needs to be comfortable and functional, of course, but I also think it can be a wearable expression of your interior self. At the same time, I really hope that it’s not the ONLY expression of your interior self, if you know what I mean. I hope you don’t define yourself as a consumer, but as a creator. We humans have been wearing some kind of clothing for 500,000 years and we have an inherited all that urge to gussy ourselves up and look fancy. Except for the last 48 years or so when commercially-produced clothing became available most of use have CREATED those clothes for ourselves.

I’m a big fan of artist Alex Martin’s One Brown Dress project and she wrote elegantly about this topic here.

Oh, back to the necklace:

Three strands of Swarovski crystal chain at 16″, 17″ and 18″, all attached to the same magnetic clasp. There are charms dangling from each strand: a cast-pewter safety pin, a crystal drop and a tiny metal sprocket. No meaning behind the charms. Yes, I realize this makes the entire thing just fashiony fun. At least I made it.