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Saturday, December 28, 2013

28 Dec




This necklace is made of waxed linen, 6/0 beads and a neck wire. Very simple to put together and very easy to wear. I think I might make another.

Dots and Swirls

26 Jun


Wednesday, February 1st

1 Feb


A heart charm made of rayon cording around 18 gauge wire. I’m not usually into holiday jewelry, but I’d wear this any time of year.

Find full instructions here.

Sunday, June 5th

5 Jun


This pendant features a sign-language postage stamp and a quote on the reverse. I made it using a photo frame and the directions to make a similar one are right here. The tunic is from Verabelle.

Monday, May 30th

30 May

I celebrated my daughter’s fifth birthday.

I talked with my sister.

I pushed my nephew on the rope swing and watched him laugh so loud I was a little bit afraid.

I gave a hula-hoop lesson.

I didn’t wear a different necklace. I wore the one from the yesterday. I’ll double up tomorrow!

Friday, May 6th

9 May


Wednesday, April 27th

27 Apr

I am having technical difficulties. Some of my posts are refusing to go from ‘draft’ to ‘publish’ when I try to post them. This is one of them. I’m also missing a post from last week (sorry-I just realized it!) and I have to research where that went.

I promise to get back to working order soon!