Friday, May 4th, 2012

4 May


Two chains, several ceramic beads, many glazes.

It was hot today. Even these necklaces were almost too much.


Friday, April 13th

13 Apr


I’ve layered a layered necklace! Main necklace contains an owl pendant by Jon Pitts, ceramic rounds by Elaine Ray and Japanese kimono cording. Extras for layering are African trade glass (orange) and Indian hand-looped beaded chains.

Sometimes you just have to mix it up.

Saturday, February 25th

25 Feb


Wednesday, February 22nd

22 Feb


Find project instructions here.

Wednesday, February 8th

8 Feb


This necklace features a bit of Swarovski, a mirror, and a quote. What’s not to love?

I wore it today with my ‘I heart Ohio’ tee shirt from Wholly Craftin Columbus, Ohio.

Full necklace instruction are available here.

Friday, February 3rd

3 Feb


Today was First Friday and so our store had a free project at the work table. I wore this multi-strand necklace with the tiny glass bottle over a striped shirt and my favorite long frock coat. I like the necklace but I think it disappeared worn over the striped tee.

I left work late, tired and ready to sleep. I think I have a cold. I’ll wear this necklace again, but not with the tee.

Full instructions for the necklace are here.

Wednesday, February 1st

1 Feb


A heart charm made of rayon cording around 18 gauge wire. I’m not usually into holiday jewelry, but I’d wear this any time of year.

Find full instructions here.

Tuesday, January 31st

31 Jan


Some days I can’t take a good picture.

At least I like the necklace.

Waxed linen stitches together Elaine Ray beads and a bit of glass. Find complete instructions here.

Monday, January 16th

16 Jan



Friday, January 13th

13 Jan



This necklace features a pendant by Olivia Dowdy. The raku-fired ceramic is lightweight and shimmery. I really love the glow of that poppy red. I’ve hung it from a naked brass chain that will age naturally, and added a Swarovski crystal coral branch.

A side note: my camera lens was broken and posting was difficult for a while. I fixed that in December but still hadn’t resumed posting. Today, after a few words of encouragement, I realized I just needed to get back to the routine.

Thanks, Ellie.