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Saturday, February 25th

25 Feb



Tuesday, January 31st

31 Jan


Some days I can’t take a good picture.

At least I like the necklace.

Waxed linen stitches together Elaine Ray beads and a bit of glass. Find complete instructions here.

Friday, January 13th

13 Jan



This necklace features a pendant by Olivia Dowdy. The raku-fired ceramic is lightweight and shimmery. I really love the glow of that poppy red. I’ve hung it from a naked brass chain that will age naturally, and added a Swarovski crystal coral branch.

A side note: my camera lens was broken and posting was difficult for a while. I fixed that in December but still hadn’t resumed posting. Today, after a few words of encouragement, I realized I just needed to get back to the routine.

Thanks, Ellie.

Thursday, December 8th

8 Dec

Me, Katie Hacker and the Cozy Colorwash Necklace on the set of Beads, Baubles & Jewels.


Saturday, November 5th

5 Nov


Wednesday, August 10th

10 Aug


Knotted on red leather, these old African amber beads host a cast brass Frozen Charlotte and a single undyed Kukui nut.

Off-center, just the way I like it.

Thursday, July 28th

28 Jul



Sometimes when you have something really great you don’t need to do much with it.  That face pendant is in a much-loved deep jade green color. I just looked at it for a long time and put it with many other items but never committed it to a necklace. Finally, I decided I needed to wear it anyway. Simple brass chain comes to the rescue. I can’t say this is a forever design-I may put this pendant somewhere else some day.

The ceramic face pendant is by Gaia Beads.

The amazing enameled ring is by Ndidi Kowalczyk of Hothouse Posey.

Saturday, July 9th

9 Jul


Sunday, April 17th

17 Apr


This necklace features a hand-made glass acorn from Lori Flanders on checked ribbon.
I wore it today because Raleigh, North Carolina – the City of Oaks – lost a lot of those very trees in the tornado yesterday.
Hand-made glass bead on sterling head pin. Tiny checked ribbon finished with knots inside knot covers. Hook-and-ring closure. One of my favorites in any times of trouble.