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Tuesday, August 2nd

2 Aug


This vintage glass bead necklace is made of turquoise-colored beads and a pendant in the same glass. I love that simplicity.

I wore this today layered with a necklace from April.

I like simplicity, but layered.


Saturday, May 28th

28 May


Three strands of very small iris-colored pearls with a chunk of labradorite and a chunk of kyanite.

Gold-filled toggle clasp.

This necklace always tangles and rolls up, no matter what I do.

I used to wear this a lot, but I probably haven’t worn it in five years.

Wednesday, May 25th

25 May


From the cover of my book.

Saturday, May 21st

21 May

This necklace is made with American Beauty turquoise and a very old rhinestone button.

I actually did make this for my friend Joan, but she designed it.

When it was finished she decided it looked better on me and gave it to me.

A lovely gift.


Thursday, March 31st

31 Mar



This necklace is made from very old African recycled glass beads strung on 2mm leather cording. Tied between the cording I have bits of olive green silk ribbon. What you can’t see is that on the back of this very heavy necklace there are four strands of leather strung with a good number of those African beads. The beads hanging down my back are interesting to look at, but more importantly they provide a counterweight for the front of the necklace. This heavy necklace is comfortable because of these counterweights.

If you want to see more examples of counterweights used in necklaces visit your local museum and check out ethnographic jewelry exhibits. You’ll see long tassels, beaded drops and long chain counterweights hanging from beaded collars and other large-scale necklaces.

Saturday, March 26th

26 Mar

This necklace is made of ceramic ‘fan’ beads and silk cording. The ceramic beads are all by Elaine Ray and the silk cording laces them together. The many dangling silk cords have beads knotted along the ends. The beads chime against each other when I move: the effect is either lovely or annoying, depending on your personal tolerance for noises.

I love that this necklace is both dramatic and simple. The construction is so basic: laced silk holds the pieces together, yet the effect is over-the-top in scale.

Tonight I wore this necklace with a favorite blouse and sweater combo. The necklace is a bit tribal for the floral blouse and cardigan sweater but I like that mix.

Tuesday, March 1st

3 Mar

This necklace is made from Elaine Ray ceramic beads and a bit of silk cording. I wore it to match a pair of shoes that I didn’t end up wearing; they are blue suede and there was a threat of rain.

The beads are knotted on blue waxed linen.