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Friday, January 13th

13 Jan



This necklace features a pendant by Olivia Dowdy. The raku-fired ceramic is lightweight and shimmery. I really love the glow of that poppy red. I’ve hung it from a naked brass chain that will age naturally, and added a Swarovski crystal coral branch.

A side note: my camera lens was broken and posting was difficult for a while. I fixed that in December but still hadn’t resumed posting. Today, after a few words of encouragement, I realized I just needed to get back to the routine.

Thanks, Ellie.


Thursday, July 28th

28 Jul



Sometimes when you have something really great you don’t need to do much with it.  That face pendant is in a much-loved deep jade green color. I just looked at it for a long time and put it with many other items but never committed it to a necklace. Finally, I decided I needed to wear it anyway. Simple brass chain comes to the rescue. I can’t say this is a forever design-I may put this pendant somewhere else some day.

The ceramic face pendant is by Gaia Beads.

The amazing enameled ring is by Ndidi Kowalczyk of Hothouse Posey.

Tuesday, July 26th

26 Jul

This necklace appeared in the first issue of Creative Jewelry. It is made of mica, brass, sterling and paper. On one side tiny brass letter beads spell out ‘suspicion’ and on the other ‘proof’ while the mica book is stamped with question marks.

What’s suspicious is the vest-and-tee combo I am wearing. Where do I think I am? 1990?

Wednesday, July 6th

6 Jul



See the instructions to make this necklace here.

Friday, July 1st

1 Jul


‘Mom, you should wear a necklace I made for your blog. Here, wear this one, it matches your dress. Let me put it on you.’

Necklace made by Cleo. Brass peace sign, fire-polished glass, finished with a lobster claw clasp in the back.

Thursday, June 16th

16 Jun


Tuesday, May 31st

31 May



Today I wore two necklaces (as promised) but honestly, I do this a lot.

The shorter choker is from the old days and I made it as part of a collection I did for Bedizen called Vegas Wedding. We had a lot of love- and wedding-themed charms and that desert palette. The necklace is strung on memory wire, a product I really like for making chokers. It can be worn with out actually choking the wearer.

Kinda important.

Those beads are a mix of Czech glass and some vintage 40’s carnelian glass rounds that I had a 10 lb. bag of at one time. I used them in so many collections I thought they’d never run out. Sadly, they did. Bone dice, stars, flowers are from China. The small red beads that are coming off the memory wire strand are real red coral from back before we realized we shouldn’t be making important animals like coral into beads.

Those painted ceramic bird beads? I had forgotten all about them and now that I remember them I dug out the name of the folks I purchased them from. I think I need more.

The orangey long necklace is made of many, many strands of silver-lined red glass beads. It’s really a hank; strung on cotton thread and knotted. It was a gift from a friend after I came to her wedding ceremony. It’s really pretty and I don’t know if she knew I would wear the hank just like that or she thought I would restring it. I like it as-is.

It’s a perfect summer necklace as it’s bright and really disco-looking but also doesn’t actually match a single thing I own.

Currently that ‘not quite matching’ element is very appealing to me.

Wednesday, May 25th

25 May


From the cover of my book.

Sunday, May 22nd

22 May

For directions for constructing this necklace are available see the Projects page.

Monday, May 16th

16 May


Coral, wood, metal spacers.

There used to be a metal ribbon tassel hanging from the coral but it broke off.

I keep this because I like the color.

I think I need to rework it.