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Monday, April 11th

12 Apr


Hello there!

This necklace has a tiny book pendant made of jeans and paper. I love tiny books. I often make them using those crimp-on end bars. Just slide the paper and cloth in and press down. Voila! a book with a loop for hanging.

What a friendly little necklace!


Wednesday, March 30th

30 Mar

Rainy, rainy day today and I really wanted to curl up in bed and stay in. I couldn’t, for various reasons that all boil down to ‘setting a good example’ so I put on an orange tee shirt and a stripey tee shirt and some jeans. This necklace is simple and easy to wear with a clash of layered cottons; the larger beads don’t get lost on the pattern of the shirt and it’s comfortable. The beads range from vintage to contemporary Czech glass, handmade Humblebeads by Heather Powers and some ceramic Elaine Ray beads and even a few stones. They are all simply wire-looped on 20 gauge copper wire and connected, rosary-chain style.

I like that type of connection because it is flexible and shows off the beads.

The red silk cording along the back is finished with a hand-made copper hook and a square copper jump ring. I do like the bright reds and oranges mixed with green/yellow in this necklace. I usually wear this one quite a lot, both on it’s own and layered with other pieces.

Tuesday, March 15th

15 Mar

This necklace was made a few years ago when I was working on projects for a book. I had to make 30 or so projects for the book and because of the age of my children I worked at night. Some nights would be terrifically successful. I’d start on a project and take step-by-step photos of it as I went along. I’d finish the project in a few hours and then write it up. Materials, tools, step 1, 2,3 etc. It would be clockwork smooth.

Other nights, not so much. I’d start a project, then start another. I’d check my email. I’d watch half a movie. I’d find the perfect CD to listen to. I’d make tea. I’d adjust my lighting. I’d bead for a bit. I’d go back to the first project. Then I’d make something for myself. Something that I totally didn’t need, maybe didn’t even want and certainly wasn’t going to use for the book.

As far as I know, I have never worn this necklace until today.

It was a lovely bit of procrastination, though. Assorted labradorite and smokey quartz. Copper wire and sterling wire. Copper bead caps. A bit of brass in the jump rings and some chain in the back.