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Saturday, June 11th

11 Jun

This 1920’s sterling and crystal necklace is a favorite from the Brimfield Flea Market in the early 1990’s. I attended with my friend and client; Harriet Love. Auntie Harriet appointed herself my guide at that famous market and it was fun. I returned the favor by taking her to the big Flea in Charlotte, NC one spring weekend. We spent the night before the flea in a nearby hotel where Harriet asked the doe-eyed waitress for a wine list. ‘Oh, we have both kinds. Red and white,’ the waitress replied.

Cool-as-a-cucumber, NYC native Harriet ordered a double glass of ‘the red’ and asked to have it placed in the ‘fridge for exactly four minutes. She explained “The cold dulls the palate and it is remarkable how one can broaden the range of acceptable wines by dropping their temperature ten degrees…”

Words to live by.


Sunday, May 1st

1 May

Today I attended a cocktail party in a fancy garden. The party was a fund raiser connected to a funky garden group I am part of. I was planning on wearing a very craftique dress with a loud print, bright embroidery and a tassel. I would have paired it with red platform sandals and a bright red necklace.

Lucky for me, I ran late.

My friend Elizabeth showed up to go to the party and she was wearing a nice black dress, dramatic but tasteful jewelry and nothing odd.

I changed and was VERY glad.

The garden was filled with nice dresses, seasonally-appropriate tunics with capris, tasteful accessories.

Thank goodness for tardiness.

This necklace was perfect; crystal drop, embellished filigree element, double chain.

Monday, March 14th

15 Mar

This necklace is a modification of the one I made for this tutorial for Ornamentea.com. I made the original necklace last year and after we shot the tutorial I decided to make some changes to the design. I removed the small brass envelope and shortened the length. The crystal rhinestones feel very fancy to me and I wanted to feel fancy today.

I actually felt tired because it takes me a few weeks to get adjusted to Daylight Savings Time. This is a strategy I employ when I feel tired or sick; I dress up a bit. Not that I think dressing better will make me feel better. It’s just that dressing in comfy sweats and a tee would feel good until I caught a glimpse of myself and then I’d think ‘Well, she could have made a bit of an effort, right?’

I even tried to wear some platform-y black sandals today but that didn’t work out. I carried them to work in my bag but they went right onto the floor of the office and stayed there all day. Actually, the sandals are still on the office floor. It’s midnight. I hope they aren’t lonely.

The directions to this necklace are available here. You’ll have to make your own modifications.