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Saturday, August 27th

27 Aug



Today we almost had a hurricane.

Isabel roared up the sound and did amazing damage to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It’s headed north to Baltimore and New York and Boston.

Here, in Raleigh we had a bit of rain and lashing winds but nothing as bad as we had expected. I wore my rain boots, anyway, and my trusty denim shirt-dress.

This necklace features a pocket watch locket fitted with a round mirror and a triple strand of kimono cording and silk accented with ceramic Elaine Ray beads. That green in the locket is out wet garden reflected in the mirror.

There will be instructions appearing on my other blog very soon.


Thursday, June 30th

30 Jun


This shell-and-bead necklace is from the summer after my oldest daughter was born. It was hot, I was wearing a wardrobe of the same three shirts over and over and I was just starting to get back to work for more than an hour at a time. I made this one afternoon in a craving for bright colors and off-kilter fun.

That was eight years ago.

Knotted #8 silk in fuchsia with vintage green glass leaves, pink shell flower and 14k gold toggle. I used that toggle because it seemed so lux and I wanted to spoil myself a bit.

Tuesday, June 21st

21 Jun


A pink silk ribbon holds a pendant made of resin in one of our bezels. Bit of Italian wrapping paper in the bezel, plus a key and a crystal.

Sorry the photo isn’t very complete. I took this one myself.

Thursday, June 9th

9 Jun


I made this necklace years ago when my oldest daughter was just about two-and-a-half. I took my first trip away from her, an over-nighter to NYC for a quick trade-show visit. I knew she’d be fine. I missed her terribly, but I also really enjoyed a take-out dinner in my hotel room and a long evening of being all alone. Of course, I always travel with beads. This is the necklace I created. The reproduction typewriter key beads say ‘nearby’ and you can probably imagine who I was thinking about.

Tuesday, June 7th

7 Jun

This necklace is made of wooden beads covered in colorful Decopatch paper and strung on silk duiponi.

Instructions were published in Handcrafted Jewelry in 2010.

Wednesday, April 6th

6 Apr


So here I am, popping my collar with this sweet and simple C’est La Vie necklace. The center piece is an enameled plaque made for scrap booking that I suspended from some silk dupioni ribbon. There are knots holding the plaque in place and I slipped large copper beads from Ghana over the knots. There is a clasp in the back. This necklace looked promising on my work table but I rarely wear it. The plaque can flip over pretty easily and the ribbon is a tad too long. I know, I could just re-do the whole thing.

Do you ever have that happen? You make a piece and it just doesn’t work so you think that…someday…you’ll get around to redoing it. That is hard work, isn’t it. The first flush of excitement with that new bead or pendant is gone and the next idea might be better. At least, you hope it will be better. I am realizing with this blog that I rarely redo an item if it does not work out.


Wednesday, March 16th

17 Mar

This is a strand of vintage asbestos glass beads in a rare deep pink. Originally made in France, asbestos glass beads were created with thin strands of glass thread (asbestos) wound around a core and then coated with clear glass. They have deep color and almost resemble lampwork.

I need to restring these; the silk cord from the 40’s will break any day.