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Tuesday, April 12th

12 Apr


Elaine Ray ceramic mother-and-child pendant and crescent bead. Teeny-weeny green turquoise fish. Oval Tibetian turquoise and padparadscha Swarovski crystals, all on thick waxed linen in a reddish brown.

This necklace was featured in Stringing a few years ago. It looks totally off-center but the balance is perfect. It will not slide around your neck when you wear it. I’m kinda proud of that.


Monday, March 21st

21 Mar

This necklace features a watch-locket and textured strands emerging from a pair of cast cones. I made the locket with a bit of text from a dictionary, a tiny bee charm and four stones. The stones are lovely briolette garnets that I could not string because of cracked holes. They glisten nicely in the locket.

The necklace itself was made by Tracey Johnson. We needed a piece to send in to a magazine…they wanted fibers, fall colors, a pendant. Somehow the two of us came up with this piece of jewelry.

It’s pretty, isn’t it?

Note: sorry for the delay on posts the last few days. I have had trouble getting my photos to upload from my phone. I’m trying to do this blog in the most expedient (read: low tech) way possible and my plans did not include sitting down at my laptop each night. I still am wearing a different necklace every day, even if I can’t get it to post on the correct day.

Sunday, March 6th

6 Mar

Today was rainy and breezy but I’m still in a Spring mood. This necklace features an Elaine Ray crescent and some lovely Japanese rayon kimono cording. I originally made this design for Beads 2009, an annual Interweave publication. The necklace is longer than it looks in the picture; I tied the ends up to shorten it in a very unprofessional manner. My new, longer hair hid the knots.

This necklace is busy; there are textures, colors, patterns galore. Even though I made it two years ago it feels very current to me. I wish I had a pair of wedge-heeled espadrilles with this mix of colors.