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Wednesday, June 15th

15 Jun


Semi-precious stones suspended from a sterling chain. I made this at least 20 years ago. Funny, it seems so tentative to me now.

Thursday, June 9th

9 Jun


I made this necklace years ago when my oldest daughter was just about two-and-a-half. I took my first trip away from her, an over-nighter to NYC for a quick trade-show visit. I knew she’d be fine. I missed her terribly, but I also really enjoyed a take-out dinner in my hotel room and a long evening of being all alone. Of course, I always travel with beads. This is the necklace I created. The reproduction typewriter key beads say ‘nearby’ and you can probably imagine who I was thinking about.

Saturday, May 21st

21 May

This necklace is made with American Beauty turquoise and a very old rhinestone button.

I actually did make this for my friend Joan, but she designed it.

When it was finished she decided it looked better on me and gave it to me.

A lovely gift.


Tuesday, May 10th

12 May

This necklace is faceted green garnet beads with smokey quartz and a crystal point. There is a really lovely old Bali clasp on the back.

I strung this rather heavy necklace on fine Soft Flex. Those garnets have the teeniest, tiniest holes you could imagine.

This is an example of a necklace that is a complete dud to me. I never wear it. Somehow it seems so plain and not at all ‘right’ with any outfit.

I think I’ll cut it up and try again.

Have you ever done that?


Saturday, April 30th

30 Apr


Monday, April 25th

25 Apr

I made this necklace after seeing a book by Mary Hettmansburger that featured woven wire jewelry. The book has basket pendants, woven cuffs and woven spirals. I made a few tiny wire baskets pretty quickly, no directions needed (my Appalachian roots helped me out there) but the coiled, shell-like design didn’t come so naturally.

I used heavy-gauge square wire for the neck wire. It’s comfy and cool in hot weather.

Friday, April 22nd

22 Apr


This long strand of tiny copper beads has an Elaine Ray handmade ceramic heart tied onto it with mustard-colored silk cording. It’s a really simple design, but this necklace somehow works for so many days. I wore it on Friday, traipsing around New Bern, NC, with my family. We were in and out of several Colonial-era homes and gardens and at least one gift shop. We saw Federal-style windows, Withdrawing Rooms, spinettes, pot hooks, butler’s closets and more bonnet-wearing Interpreters than you can shake a stick at. The day was lovely.