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Friday, July 8th

8 Jul


This necklace is a whopper. Gigantic resin beads strung on red leather with a single, blown-glass Venetian bead off-center.

Yummy. I love giant necklaces like this. Very Wilma Flinstone.

Not very Wilma; the bra and slip straps showing with this sundress.

Don’t worry, I wore a tasteful cardigan over it to work. For photographic purposes I ditched the cardi and now, looking a the tell-tale straps I am regretting that decision. This necklace, however, I will never regret.


Tuesday, March 22nd

22 Mar


I like this necklace because it contains a mix of art beads by two different artists and the greeny-gold color looks good with just about everything. I made it with a figural bead from Lisa Daly (it is flipped over in the picture so the torso is just showing it’s rear end…how cheeky!) and a grouping of Elaine Ray beads. I also used a chunk of real Tibetian turquoise that is intensely olive green and black right there at the center. The length of the necklace is finished with some Japanese kimono cording with black, gold, green and red flowers.

This necklace started out much longer but as I worked on it I kept removing bead after bead. The Lisa Daly figural bead had been on my work table for a long time and I kept struggling with how to use it. It is a bead of a naked female torso, after all.  The front of the bead is  obviously female and voluptuous.

Maybe too much for mixed company.

I decided that a more monochromatic design would minimize the distraction of the figures assets while making the most of the pretty glass coloring. The design also looks good even if one or more of the beads flips over. I don’t like messing with my jewelry once I have it on.